Service Times: Sundays: 09h00 & 17h30

Pastor's Welcome

Welcome to Hillcrest Baptist. We are delighted to have this opportunity to introduce you to the ministry here. We would love for you to be a regular part of what God is doing here at HBC.
To help you get to know us, this website should serve as an orientation to our church with the desire that you be drawn into our fellowship, or if you’re visiting us from abroad, feel free to plunder out audio vault of MP3 sermons.

Hillcrest Baptist is an Evangelical Reformed Baptist Church founded in 1954 located in Hillcrest, Durban South Africa. We practice expository preaching, generally verse by verse from the New Testament in the morning, and the Old Testament in the evenings.

Baptist defines our theological and historical distinctive. We are Baptists by conviction, a people who stand in a great line of people who have gone before us.

This godly line can be traced back to the English Reformation of the sixteenth century. As with our forefathers, we believe in the full inspiration and authority of Scripture, salvation by grace alone, the baptism of believers only by immersion, the priesthood of believers, the eternal security of the redeemed, and more. These God-exalting truths mark our identity.

We are committed to expository preaching, evangelism of the lost, equipping the saints, and worshiping God in spirit and truth.  We are a local church, a body of people who profess to have a common faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.  We gather as a church to be equipped for the work of the ministry by the preaching and teaching of the Word of God.

We seek to do all things for the glory of God!  If we can minister to you in any way, it would be our privilege to serve you and the Lord in that way.